Lindisfarne North Primary School
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271 East Derwent Highway
Geilston Bay TAS 7015

Phone: 03 6243 0101

Uniform Collection

Parents and guardians are advised that pre-ordered uniform items are available for collection between 9am and 3pm from Wednesday 27 January to Friday 29 January.  If you have not placed an order previously we do have some stock available, however at the moment we do not have size 8 polo tops.

Due to the change in the school's financial year, levy invoices will not be produced until after 1 February.  We will not be taking levy payments until after that date.

Please adhere to social distancing requirements.  If there are more than 4 people in the foyer, please wait outside the front entrance.  

December 17 Newsletter

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December 9 Newsletter

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Step Up

Over the next week, we will be undertaking our normal step up process in a different way to previous years.  For those new to the school, step up is where we help to familiarise students with new classrooms, teachers and student groupings in preparation for the next school year.

Staff have been carefully considering parent and student requests in establishing class groupings for 2021, as well as using their professional judgement on the best placement to support student academic, social and emotional needs.  Over the next week, we will be trying out some of these groupings in some quick 30-minute sessions.  These groups are not necessarily the grouping that your child will remain in, nor are they necessarily with the teacher that your child will end up with for 2021.

 The first of these sessions will be run today, and a final class placement will be sent home with students before the end of the school year.  Class placements will therefore not be in with school reports which are being sent home with students today.

 I would also like to share the final class structures for 2021, along with most of the teachers for these classes.  Due to a recent increasing enrolment in some areas of the school, we have had to change our class structures to incorporate composite Prep/1 classes rather than straight prep classes.



Christin Phillips


LeeAnne Kershaw

Prep / 1

Amanda Lohberger

Prep / 1

Amy Williams

Prep / 1

Eve Beattie and Nikki Weavers


Neil Denman


Russell Smith


Margie O’Rourke


Lisa Hansen


To be confirmed


Annie Rathbone


Abbie Kostiuk


Bryana McIlwain


David Coombe

Shane Oldfield

November 25 Newsletter

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November 11 Newsletter

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Launching into Learning Friday 6/11

Mrs Ellerton will meet the LiL families at Simmons Park from 9.30am for tomorrow’s Move & Groove session.

October 28 Newsletter

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Part Way is Okay walk is cancelled today

Unfortunately our Part Way is Okay walk is cancelled today (28/10) due to the weather. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Parents are advised that LiL Music will not continue on Wednesdays for the remainder of Term 4.   Instead, we will be having Storytime in the Library with Mrs Price on Tuesdays from 9:00 - 9:30am.   We apologise for any inconvenience.