Parent Information

Educational Program

Our curriculum is underpinned by the Tasmanian Curriculum which has been refined by the Department of Education. Consequently, we are amending our teaching, learning and assessment programs. Children still learn the skills of the traditional disciplines; however these have been organised in a different way to reflect the needs of the 21st century. All children participate in cultural programs including excursions and visiting artists. Children in Grades 3 - 6 study Japanese as our LOTE.


All classes have excursions throughout the year as part of the classroom learning program. Parents are asked to sign a form at the start of the year authorising teachers to take children on local excursions. An excursion levy is incorporated into family contributions. (This does not include special events such as overnight excursions, Bike Education or Grade 6 Leavers activities etc.)

House Competition

Our school provides a House Competition in athletics, cross country and swimming. Students may also gain house points for good work, sportsmanship and general assistance both in and outside the classroom. Our school houses are Natone (Green), Geilston (Gold) and Beltana (Blue).

Learn to Swim and Water Safety

The Swimming and Water Safety Program is held each year for all Grades 3, 4 and 5 students. Children on Student Assistance do not need to pay for the program. In 2020, the program will operate from 3 August to 14 August.


Students are encouraged to use our Library. Students should have a library bag, be responsible for caring for books they borrow and pay for lost or damaged books. LNPS has a policy "Control of Library Resources" which outlines how and when charges will be incurred. Parents are expected to replace books which are lost or damaged.


All children, Prep to Grade 6, will have weekly music lessons of 40 minutes duration. Children from Grades 3-6 will have the opportunity to join a choir and be involved in the 2020 Combined Choir & Band Performance at the Derwent Entertainment Centre. Recorder and choir will be offered to interested children. All optional activities will be held during class time.  A specialist woodwind program is conducted by Mr Andrew Castles on Monday afternoons for children in Grades 5 and 6.

Parent Support

Classroom programs are greatly enhanced when an extra adult is available. Activities such as Arts and Crafts, cooking, motor skills, etc as well as literacy and numeracy activities, are more effective and enjoyable for all. If you would like to provide parent help in your child's class please contact the class teacher. From time to time the school provides training for parents to assist them in supporting children's literacy and numeracy development. All volunteers in the school are required to register for “Registration to Work with Vulnerable People”. Please apply online below:

Click Here To Volunteer


All children in Grades 3 - 6 participate in school swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals. From these events, children are selected to represent the school in interschool and champion of champions' carnivals conducted by the Southern Primary Schools Sport Association. Children in early childhood classes (K-2) participate in activities organised within the school. Outside organisations often conduct school clinics for their particular sport such as Kanga Cricket and Basketball. All students from Prep - Grade 6 are provided with specialist weekly PE lessons and a daily physical activity program (DPA).

Student Representative Council (SRC)

All Primary classes (Grades 3 - 6) have elected representatives on the student council. Elections are held twice a year. The student council provides a forum for the discussion of student matters. It also raises funds for charities the children think are worthy. The student council meets each week to discuss and prioritise possible projects.

Student Leadership

Grade 6 students are provided with a range of shared leadership opportunities during their final year. These include involvement with the Student Council, Assemblies, the daily PA program and lunchtime games.

Support Services

The school has a part-time School Psychologist (Guidance Officer), Speech Pathologist, Support Teacher and a Social Worker.
Guidance Officers are qualified psychologists who can provide a range of psychologically and educationally based services to students, parents and teachers. Guidance Officers can assess children, provide counselling as well as work with teachers in supporting health and life skill programs. Our School Psychologist is Jenna Campbell. Speech Pathologists diagnose communication problems and provide therapy for children with communication disorders. These problems could include: unintelligible speech; uncoordinated speech production; inappropriate language for age; difficulties with the grammar, meaning and usage of language; inability to understand and follow directions despite normal hearing; difficulties in understanding certain concepts such as those related to space, time or number; stuttering and huskiness. Our Speech Pathologist is to be confirmed. Support Teachers provide assistance to classroom teachers in a range of areas. Our support teacher is Kelly Smith.  Social workers can assist families and children who may be experiencing trauma or family issues which impact on students attendance at school. Our Social Worker is Janelle Walker.

School Buses

Metro provide a bus service in the afternoon via Clinton Road, Sugarloaf Road, Risdon Vale, (Saundersons Road on request), Otago, Old Beach, Compton Downs and Gage Road, Old Beach Road (past the Council Chambers) to Mollineux Drive/Myna Park Road junction. There is a private bus (Gilberts)which takes children to and from Old Beach, Otago Bay and East Risdon. This bus route ends at the northern end of Otago Bay Road. Children catching buses after school assemble within the school and are supervised onto the buses by a teacher. Children travelling by bus are expected to follow our school rules and to uphold Metro's Bus Code of Behaviour to ensure safe travel.

Uniform Pool

Please contact the office if you require to purchase uniform items.

Launching into Learning (Little Learners)

A program known as Launching into Learning (LIL) operates at Lindisfarne North Primary School. The Little Learners sessions will be open to children from birth to 4 years of age, which will enable siblings to attend. Children must attend with their parent or significant adult.  

The program aims:

  • to enable young families to connect with the school environment as early as possible, and in a practical way
  • to value and build upon the skills and expertise of parents
  • to give all children prior to Kindergarten the best possible start to their education
  • to serve as a time of enrichment for parents and their children to play and work together, and
  • to develop a social network for parents.

From Term 3, there will be an increased focus on preparation and orientation for Kindergarten in the following year.    Pre-kinder sessions are for those students who have been confirmed as accepted enrolments for Kindergarten in 2021.


The format for the sessions will of course vary but generally there will be a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from and the range of these will vary from week to week.   From time to time the co-ordinator may invite representatives from other community organisations to attend the sessions to meet parents informally and to provide information about services to support families. 


It is important for parents to be actively involved with their children in the program. Parents are responsible for the children they bring along and need to maintain a close observation and interaction with children in relation to language development, effective use of equipment and materials, general behaviour, toileting, etc. Everyone helps with the workload eg tidying up, packing toys and equipment away, washing cups etc.


The role of the co-ordinator is generally one of support both to the parent and to the child. Her main task is to set up the area ready for the commencement of the session, to assist parents and children in the use of the equipment, and to ensure that all the cleaning and packing away is completed at the end of the session.


Our Launching into Learning sessions will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in 2020.  The sessions are: Monday 9:15 - 10:15am, Play and Explore with Ms Kershaw (in the Kindergarten), Wednesday 9 - 9:30am, Sing, Say, Move, Play with Mrs Green (in the Music room) and Friday 9 - 9:30am, Move and Groove with Mr Christie (in the gymnasium).


As we are a Sunsmart group, please bring a hat for outside play.

Please note, attendance at our Little Learners program does not guarantee placement of children from out of area in Kindergarten at Lindisfarne North Primary School.

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